What a Concrete Batching Plant Supervisor Actually Does?

Batching Plant Supervisor JobIt took a while, but I eventually made my way up from a general concrete batching construction worker to concrete batching plant supervisor. I was so excited to go home and tell my wife, but then realized I was meeting her at her parents’ house for dinner. Irrespective, I was thrilled about the news and told them anyway only to be met with very confused looks and questioning of what I do – in a rather disapproving tone, I think. My father-in-law is still disappointed that his daughter married someone in construction.

Anyway, I told him that a concrete batching plant supervisor was among the first-line supervisors of production. I would be supervising and co-coordinating all activities in production of constructions; as well as supervising all workers, such as inspectors, machine setters, assemblers and plant operators. My wife was impressed…still nothing from the father-in-law.

He asked what else I would be doing, as if the general overview wasn’t enough. I explained that I would also enforce safety regulations, inspect different materials for defects and work with management to handle any conflicts from construction workers. I would also be involved in employee training presenting the training and assigning employees to different training events. He said I should go on.

quality concrete mixersOther duties included analyzing charts, schedules, records and reports to identify production outputs. I would also interpret specifications, blueprints, company policies and different procedures associated with the project. Plus I would be involved with maintenance of budgets, production goals, cost records and preparation of production results. He seemed impressed at this point.

Finally, I mentioned that I would also be in charge of hiring, promotions and evaluation of staff performance. He’s a people person you see. I think I impressed him completely with that.

In conclusion, while I don’t believe I will ever obtain my father-in-law’s complete approval I have earned respect with my new job as a concrete batching supervisor.

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